Reasons you may not see your courses in MPC Online (After you log in)

If you can find your list of courses, but one is missing, there are several possible reasons.

  • If you recently registered for classes, wait a few hours.  It takes 4-6 hours from the time you register until MPC Online learns of it.
  • If it's at the start of the semester, your teacher may not have opened the course yet. Although some instructors may open their courses early, all courses officially open on the first day of the enrolled class.
  • Your teacher may not be using MPC Online as the class website.  Contact your teacher to find out what website, if any, is being used.
  • If it's in the middle of the semester and you haven't logged in to MPC Online in quite a while, your teacher may have dropped you from the course.  Contact your teacher.
  • If you have a late start class, wait until close to the class start date.
  • If you want to review a class from a previous semester, it won't be available.  Contact your teacher to request access.  Your teacher can work with the Distance Ed support team to get access for you.

Contact the MPC Online Help Desk if the above suggestions don't solve the problem.